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White Sheet

Astrologer RS Kohli has been a practicing astrologer for about decade. She has gained immense knowledge in Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra.
Astrologer RS Kohli began assisting people in resolving issues relating to their personal lives, careers, businesses, marriages, property disputes, education and other areas. She has dedicated herself entirely to this vocation throughout her career. Strong in her intuition, is able to feel the unfavorable energy surrounding a person. In addition, she is skilled at clearing the negative energies and creating a welcoming atmosphere for people have been able to live regular, happy lives with her assistance since she has consistently given them accurate readings and predictions.
RS Kohli is an astrologer with well-experience, who has been practicing this Occult Science for a decade. Again through her extensive and profound practice, she has developed a colossal level of immense knowledge in this field. She also appeared on Zee TV Canada to discuss about how Vedic astrology helps humans.
The incredible astrologer RS Kohli is well-versed in two major sub-disciplines of astrology which are Vedic and Vastu Shastra. Astrologer RS Kohli converses in three languages which are preferably English, Hindi, Punjabi. She has a Masters (M.A) in Vedic astrology. She is an Astrologer in Surrey, but will take appointments from all around the world. 

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