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A Common Misconception About Astrology

Astrology is a very broad concept. It is connected to many other ancient sciences and is considered to be on entity. But in the modern world, many people consider our branch of astrology the same, or similar to, other... darker arts. These "darker" arts are known as black magic, and typically involve ones selfish desires to inflict pain and agony to another's life. 

We will be going through 3 different things here: Basic differences between Vedic Astrology and Black Magic, signs someone might be under the influence of Black Magic, and some basic remedies to fight against Black Magic.


What's the Difference?

Astrology is a very broad science. it incorporates many different concepts and uses each differently. The branch of astrology that we do is predictive Vedic astrology. We use the positions of planets and constellations to predict certain events of a persons life. There is also Vastu Shastra, which uses the map of a house and the placement of furniture, appliances, etc., to solve issues the family might have. However different these sciences may be, they use the same principals and logic, which comes from our Hindu myths and cultures. Now, there is a similar version of astrology, known as black or dark magic. It is fueled by the dark or selfish ambitions one may have, whereas Astrology is based on helping others. calling it a branch of astrology though, isn't too accurate, its more like a shadow version of it. Its manipulative. While Vedic Astrology may use the planets position to predict the events of ones life, black magic will instead try to change it for the worse. The sole purpose of black magic is to control, it is based on that principal.


Common signs

Someone who maybe under the effects of black magic may experience sudden, unexplained health issues that can't be diagnosed or treated by medical professionals.

Sometimes black magic can influence ones behavior or personality. Drastic changes to ones personality or mental state are examples of this. This can also cause issues in ones relationships.

Recurring nightmares and sleep disturbances are also examples of the influence of black magic. People may experience the same nightmare over and over again, have sleep paralysis, or even insomnia.

Some individuals attribute financial difficulties, such as sudden loss of wealth, business failure, or constant financial setbacks, to black magic

Unexplained phenomena, such as objects moving on their own, strange sounds, or seeing shadows or apparitions, may be associated with black magic.


Some basic remedies

Reciting specific mantras and prayers can invoke positive energies and provide spiritual protection. Some commonly recommended mantras for protection against black magic include the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, the Gayatri Mantra, and the Durga Mantra. Consulting with us can help you determine the most suitable mantra for your specific situation.

Certain gemstones are also believed to have protective properties and can help ward off negative energies. For example, wearing a black tourmaline or a black onyx is said to provide protection against black magic. We can help to determine the most suitable gemstone based on your birth chart and specific needs.

Certain rituals, such as the Navagraha homa or the Sudarshana homa, are believed to counteract the effects of black magic. These rituals involve the recitation of specific mantras and the offering of sacred materials into a sacred fire. Performing these rituals under the guidance of a knowledgeable priest can help purify and protect your energy.

Yantras and talismans are also believed to provide protection form negative energies. The Sri Yantra and the Maha Sudarshana Yantra are commonly used for protection against black magic. These yantras can be drawn or engraved on metal plates and kept in your home or worn as a talisman for protection.

The Hanuman Chalisa is a prayer dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is considered a powerful deity for protection against negative energies. Regularly reciting the Hanuman Chalisa is believed to remove obstacles and provide spiritual strength and protection.

Engaging in regular spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and pranayama, can help strengthen your overall energy and provide protection against negative influences. These practices help calm the mind, increase positive vibrations, and enhance your spiritual connection.

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